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Well then, you have been anticipating this moment for years now and it’s finally come. The day you get to buy your first car. Whether you may be spoilt for choice or just have enough to get something with four wheels that’s not a bike, choosing your first car can be an overwhelming affair. We all want to get it right the first time, so here is some advice to help you get moving in the right direction.


The first step in getting your first car is planning your budget. You need to find out how much you are willing to spend on the car. Your budget should allow room for extra costs, say like maintenance, repairs, and long-term fuel costs. For instance, cars with manual transmission cost less than those with automatic transmission. Their maintenance and repair costs are cheaper too. It’s, therefore, important that you stick to what you can afford and avoid financial strain.

New or Used

Once you have your budget penned down, you need to know if you plan on buying a used car or want to buy a shiny new one. Do your research carefully and find out the pros and cons of buying either of the two. Be conversant with factors that affect both new and used cars, including their value, reliability, maintenance, safety and insurance among others. Know factors that mostly affect used cars, like special modifications which may increase the price and the maintenance costs in the long run.

Dealer vs Going Private

If you are going to buy a car, you’ll need to get the right place to find one. You will also need to do some research here for you to avoid being short-changed. If you decide to get one through a dealership, you’ll need to have enough information about the car you want to get, so you don’t end up getting convinced by the sales people to buy a car model that wasn’t in your plan. One advantage that dealerships have is that you may not have to handle the finer details of registration paperwork. They do that for you but at some extra cost. You should be prepared to handle the paperwork yourself if you decide to buy a car privately. You should also be prepared to ask the right questions when you are purchasing privately. You need to have information from the owner like how long the car has been had, the mileage, its history of service and things like that.

Test Drive

You need to understand that whether the car is new or used, you should always take it for a test drive before you make the final transaction. You need to check below the hood and see what your engine is packing. Take a ride on a few different kinds of roads and see how the car performs, test the performance of the car at high speeds, test how the gears change, test how the brakes work, check if the lights all work. You also need to consider if you are comfortable driving the car.



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