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Walter has 5 years worth of experience being a friend and a dog. He prides himself on making me laugh, digging holes and being the office clown that is often needed in an office environment. Walter is a Lagotto Romagnolo, bred for finding truffles so each new hole in the backyard brings me a little hope but often is just a hole.


Around 32 years working in one of the big four banks and about 10 years as a broker.


Over the last 10 years I have had about 5,000 clients that I have provided advice and assistance with during their experience in obtaining either a home, car or business loan.


I started Family Finance because after working for one of the big four, I wasn’t able to truly help people that came across my desk. What I could offer them was limited and sometimes it wasn’t the best they could have got. After starting Family Finance, I got up in the mornings knowing I am helping a potential family in order for them to buy a house and later turn it into a home with their presence.

I am still in contact with most of my clients and I often even have clients that come to me because their parents were clients. It is great to have that kind of influence and ties to the Canberra community.