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  • Tips for saving money in the real today.

It’s hard, we know.  How can you resist those shiny shop fronts? Those crazy sales?That device on late-night infomercials that you just need? It’s difficult to escape the consumer frenzy with the pressure of so many commercials and the constant, “Have you seen (insert some new version of something here)? It’s amazing!” and the “I can’t believe you don’t own (insert random object here that you will never use, that no one ever uses but buys anyway)!”

Moving on from the frivolity, it is hard to save when there are so many different demands on your paycheck. If it’s not nearly consumed by rent, utilities, household necessities, groceries, etc. etc. then it’s consumed by some other inescapable urgent need. Well, we’re here to give you some tips to help out. We asked around, and people responded with the following methods. We hope they help!

Track your expenses

At the end of each month, review your credit card history, your receipts and think about what you could have done without. More importantly, know that you spent excessively. There are loads of great money-tracking apps into which you can record your expenses. One example is Mint, which can track all your accounts and come up with a budget for you.

Come up with a budget

Whether you use Mint or not, coming up with a budget is absolutely essential when trying to save money. Think of your monthly income and your fundamentals e.g. rent, debt repayment, electricity, medicine , transport etc. Then once you’ve done that, allocate towards entertainment and leisure purposes. This should be done last so you can rest assured that the stuff you need is taken care of. Plus, you can cut down on spending excessively once you have set aside a certain amount for leisure.

Sign up for free customer rewards programs

There are loads of places that will gladly pay you to shop at their place once you’ve filled in their questionnaires.  You can get coupons from them or rack up points by shopping there which you can redeem later. Spending maybe half an hour filling in a survey which may save you money later is a way better use of your time than going through old Vine compilations on YouTube.

Start an emergency fund

And don’t spend it the next month! No matter what, you need to set aside from money each month. Whether you open a new bank account for it or stash it away in a cupboard (though you would earn interest on it if you stored it in the bank, just saying), don’t look at it till you really need it. You might just be surprised by how much you saved!

Turn off the lights

This may seem self-explanatory. It is actually. Every time you leave the house, you should be taking care to turn off all your lights and electric appliances (well, except your fridge). This saves electricity, benefiting both you and your environment.


Saving money is important. It may feel good to spend money right now, but later on you’ll come to regret it when it comes to purchasing the big things: vehicles and houses. When it comes to either, you’ll need to show the bank two things: that you’re financially responsible, and that you can come up with a deposit. Saving money now will eventually help you out with both things. So don’t be careless now, and you may just find yourself in possession of your dream home/automobile someday!


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