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If you own a home, sometimes it may be daunting to maintain it. Be it cleaning, cooking, or other regular activities around the home, some effort is required. In this article, we will consider some simple lifehacks and tricks that you can employ in your home to make things flow easily. They are easy to do and you can do them by yourself.

The Best 20;

1.   To refrigerate a beverage in the shortest time possible, take a wet paper towel and wrap it around the container. In about 15 minutes, your beverage will be ice cold.

2.  If you’re hammering nails and you are unable to hold it steadily, use a clothes peg. The peg will help you hold it steadily with much ease. Also, you will greatly minimize the chances of hitting your fingers with the hammer.

3.  If you have old unused doorknobs, instead of throwing them away, you could use them as towel hangers in your bathroom or bedroom. Just fix them to the wall and you’re good to go.

4.  If you have old drawers in your house, you can convert them into shelves. Fix them onto a wall and use them as flower vase holders. You can also creatively use the drawer knobs as holders for your jewelry, bracelets, and necklaces.

5.  If you are a wine enthusiast, then, by all means, you have wine racks in your home. If you no longer use them, you can convert them into towel holders. They can add a beautiful finishing to your bathroom.

6.  Do you want to add some good essence to your bathroom? Try some Eucalyptus. Eucalyptus leaves have an essence that you would die for. To best bring out this aroma, attach them to your showerhead. The hot steam of the shower will make an amazing scent with the leaves leaving your bathroom smelling great.

7.  Do you have too many cords and wires in your home? You can store them in a super cool and simple way. Just take a plastic hanger and roll the wires on them. That way they would look more organized.

8.  To keep your door open while you carry out some work, you can simply utilize a rubber band. Just tie it across the two door knobs and your door would not close.

9.  If you’re always wondering what meal to have in your home, simply make a meal calendar. A meal calendar is effective as it will save you both money and time. Eating out can sometimes be expensive and unhealthy. Also, you end up spending more time looking for ingredients to make your meal if you do not have a clear meal in mind.

10.  Magazine holders can be perfect assets to your kitchen. You can use them as jar holders to organize your kitchen.

11.  If you want to light a candle whose wick is hard to reach, don’t burn yourself in the process. Instead, light a spaghetti stick and use it to light the candle.

12.  You can use bread tags to label your cords and wires in your home.

13.  If your clothes have a paint stain, use a razor blade to remove it.

14.  Baking soda can be good to remove oil stains in fabric.

15.  Clean your keyboard with an old toothbrush.

16.  Cover your shower heads with plastic bags filled with vinegar to remove stains.

17.  Use furniture polish to make anything shiny.

18.  Clean your iron by pressing it onto salt over aluminum foil while hot.

19.  Use lemon slices to freshen up your garbage dispenser.

20.  Use baking soda to clean all your silverware




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