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Many home owners across Australia have always been plagued with the task of increasing the value of their homes. This is true especially with people who have owned homes for very long periods. So, how can you increase the value of your home in order for it to reach modern standards?

Give Your Kitchen a Great Makeover

The Kitchen is always considered the heart of the home. Any potential buyer to a house takes an extra good look at the kitchen. Therefore, it pays to make it attractive in both aesthetics and hygiene. The first thing that should be your priority is making structural changes to it. Decide if you will add a specific shape to it or if you would want to relocate it.

Secondly, do some refurbishments to it. If your kitchen door is hanging, shelves are damaged, or tiles are broken, dig into your pocket and have them rectified. Modern kitchens are now using melamine faced chipboards. Add this to it to give a modern touch. You may also add a few units to better the layout. Check the lighting. Halogen bulbs are the best pick to adequately light up your kitchen. They will give off a bright white that will make the ambiance of your kitchen amazing.

If you seem to be struggling with ideas on how to array your layout, don’t hesitate to use the input of kitchen designers. They have the prerequisite experience. Others may offer kitchen supplies too.

Give Your Bathroom a Makeover

Bathrooms are another area in your home in which improvements may increase the overall value of the home. Repaint the bathroom walls as they are prone to shed paint easily due to the moist atmosphere. Ideally, bathrooms should be kept fresh. They should be hygienic and must adhere to superior sanitary conditions. Add air fresheners, toilet blocks and effective disinfectants to your bathroom. You can also add a deluxe touch to it to make it classier. Add a bathtub and a shower as most people value these.

Put new taps and sinks. Sinks should be preferably white to appeal to most people. Add a set of mirrors. Rework the tiles if need be. You can consider vinyl floors or tiled floors.

Most importantly, ensure the ventilation system is up and running. This includes strategically placed windows or adding an extractor fan.

Paint All Rooms

This is by far one of the quickest ways to transform a home. A fresh paint job might actually be what you need to do to revamp and add value to your home. Use a trusted brand of paint that will effectively cover the old paint and one that leaves a smooth finishing to your walls.

Cut Down On Energy Costs

Modern day dynamics call for everything to go green. High value is placed on energy efficient homes. You can go green in your house by cutting down on energy costs. You can add fluorescent bulbs for lighting which are energy efficient. You can also cut down on air conditioning costs by adding a ceiling fan or even double panning your windows. 

Enhance Your Exterior

The exterior look of your home is the first thing anyone notes. You can add value to it by repainting the front door, cleaning up your lawn, and putting some work on your garden. Add new fences to your property or even raise your boundary fences to give a more fortified look. Check your roof top. Most people and prospective buyers keenly look at the roofs to check how intact they are. Make sure it is in good shape.



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