November 2016

Advise For Buying Your First Car


Well then, you have been anticipating this moment for years now and it’s finally come. The day you get to buy your first car. Whether you may be spoilt for choice or just have enough to get something with four wheels that’s not a bike, choosing your first car can be an overwhelming affair. We [...]

October 2016

25 Tips to Save Your Money


Saving money is not a new thing really but it seems to elude many people. Some think the only way you can save is if you have a lot of it, but really, saving is not about the amount of money you get, it is about the discipline of how you spend that money. Here [...]

How does Brexit effect Australian property values


The United Kingdom (UK) withdrawing from the European Union (EU), has had a domino effect on the entire global economic system. Brexit, a result of the June 2016 referendum has caused instabilities not only in the economical sphere but also in the social and political spheres. This monumental decision has had ramifications in the day-to-day lives of more than millions in [...]

April 2016

5 Tips For Saving Money


It’s hard, we know.  How can you resist those shiny shop fronts? Those crazy sales?That device on late-night infomercials that you just need? It’s difficult to escape the consumer frenzy with the pressure of so many commercials and the constant, “Have you seen (insert some new version of something here)? It’s amazing!” and the “I [...]