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Saving money is not a new thing really but it seems to elude many people.

Some think the only way you can save is if you have a lot of it, but really, saving is not about the amount of money you get, it is about the discipline of how you spend that money. Here are some tips to help you work on that discipline.

1.    Budget

This is the most basic tip for anyone who earns money. Map out where your money is going to and it will be way easier to manage it.

2.    Cut extra costs

Go for cheaper services if you can help it. You can even do some services yourself instead of paying to get them done for you.

3.    Buy in bulk

Buying your essentials in bulk helps you go longer without having to buy them again, and helps you use your money elsewhere instead of buying things every time you run dry.

4.    Eating out

Going out to a restaurant for lunch or dinner is not a bad idea. You should however cut down on how often you do that and save on some costs.

5.    Lunch over Dinner

In case you have to eat out often, it is advisable that you go out for lunch since many hotels offer cheaper lunch and then the prices hike up for dinner.

6.    Power

Flip the power switch off whenever you are not using any electronic appliances connected to it. It will help you save up on power costs in the long run and also help in saving up on the energy drain that comes when electronic devices are plugged in over long periods of time.

7.    Thermostat

Get yourself a programmable thermostat as it will give you control of the temperature in your house during different times of day and during the different seasons. You can have it programmed to heat up the house only when you are in the house and let it cool off when you are away thus saving up on energy costs.

8.    Air Conditioning

You could also plant some shade trees around your house if you have the space so as to save on air-conditioning costs.

9.    Movie and TV Services

You could move from the more expensive paid TV services to the cheaper internet-based services like StanTV and Netflix.

10. Car Insurance

Look around for the cheaper options of car insurance that could save you some cash.

 11. Gas

Look around the area you are in and see if you can find gas stations that help you save up some cash when you fill up.

12. Cut Down On Rides

You do not have to drive every time you leave the house. You could take a bike or simply walk. They are actually the healthier options if you are not going too far. You could also take the occasional train or bus ride to work. That will cut down on your costs of fuel.

13. Car Service

Servicing your car may seem as if it`s an extra expense, but you`ll thank yourself in the long run.

 14. Renting Wear for Special Occasion

In case you need wear for just a one-time occasion, I do not see the need of buying, say a tux. Rent out one and cut down on the costs.

15. Paying Your Debts

Pay off your debts as soon as you can to save you the financial strain.

16. Price Match

Always match your prices before you buy something. A good guide can be looking up prices online.

17. Showers

Take shorter showers. It will count for something in the long run.

18. Teaching Your Kids

Teach your kids about money and saving up so that by the time they are older they will have no trouble handling it.

19. Discounts

Take advantage of any offers and discounts being given by your stores and restaurants.

20. Errand Consolidation

Consolidate your errands into one long to save up on time, fuel and costs.

21. Dump the Guzzler

If your car consumes a lot and you are trying to keep up with a tight budget, you could always swap it for one that consumes less.

22. Subscriptions

If you do something on a regular basis, say going to the gym, subscribing as a member would be better placed financially than paying every time you visit.

23. Going Out

Looking for ideas of places to visit to have some good time? Go for a picnic or grab a ball and go to a park or beach. It’s cheaper than buying tickets to the zoo or amusement parks. After all, the best fun is free, right?

24. Library vs Bookstore

If you like having a good read, you can utilize a library. It should be cheaper renting a book as opposed to purchasing one from a bookstore.

25. Group Deals

If you are trying something out for the first time, you could look for group deals that will help you stay on the safe side of your finances


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