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After purchasing your first property, there comes the inevitable question of the next best move you can make in terms of mortgage dealings.

It might seem like securing the house is the only main event, but a few steps down this road; we will look at some of the best follow up essentials to do take care of next.

Secure the Property’s Documents

To start with, it is prudent to take into account the importance of the documents and papers that accompanied the settlement of acquiring the home. Looking at it from a short term vantage point, they are conduits for assisting in the establishment of the pinpoint tax deductions accrued to you. This applies mostly for the very same year when the purchasing of the property was done. When you step down from the short term perspective and start using the long term perspective`s lens, these papers will prove indispensible for taxation purposes and also when making sales of the property. Although this falls down in the pecking order, it could end up proving its worth when it’s time to take into account calculations and auditing of estate taxes.

Especially for the mortgage market here in Australia, it is prudent to make sure that house utilities have been adequately determined before fully closing. All the utility billings should be footed and cleared in the full amounts by the prior owners in case there were any occupants before you. After this is done, you should take it upon yourself to ensure that all the services have had a full transfer to you to help make things more clear and suitable when it comes to billing. In normal circumstances, these transfers can take place in the absence of getting the utilities turned off.

Two weeks post the closing dealings have taken place, you should make sure you have made contact with the records office that is responsible for the properties in your local region to ascertain that the deed you own has undergone an official recording. These records serve the role of playing as public notices that indicate the interest you have in that particular piece of property.

 Get Rid Of the Pests

The first tip I always give new home owners before they move in is to have a fresh start with the property or house that they are planning to inhabit. This is by giving it a thorough cleaning and then most important of all, make sure it has undergone a pest proofing. This is by doing the likes of bug bombing or you could leave it to the professionals and just call an exterminator to take care of this small but vital thing for you. The reason behind all this insistence is because, the pests and bugs are much harder to evacuate when everything in your house has already arrived and saves you from any health hazards associated with chemicals being used in the vicinity of people later on after already settling down.

Insure Your Property

Since now you have the property you so much desired in order to acquire it at all lengths, it is only wise to protect it. Most home and property owners take to liking the capturing of photos and also video records of the place, and include all the possessions in it for insurance reasons. These digital records are then taken in for safe keeping in deposit boxes. The insurance provider involved in the security of your property can best explain and recommend the best way possible for the taking of photographs, what to capture in it and show you the most fool proof method of keeping it secure.

I will without doubt instruct you to keep up the liability, theft and even fire liability insurance. It is not enough to just take the liability insurance oblivious of the value of property you are insuring. What I mean by this is that whatever you do with your property that by any chance increases its value, your insurance coverage should be updated and find a rise in its value.


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