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April 2016

5 Tips For Saving Money


It’s hard, we know.  How can you resist those shiny shop fronts? Those crazy sales?That device on late-night infomercials that you just need? It’s difficult to escape the consumer frenzy with the pressure of so many commercials and the constant, “Have you seen (insert some new version of something here)? It’s amazing!” and the “I [...]

Interest Rates in Australia: A Quick Recap of the 10 Years


A country’s economic stability and growth rate can be attributed to its interest rate. Japan’s current economic problems are proof of this statement. A shrinking economy and a near negative interest rate are clear indicators that the country’s economy is in serious trouble. The monetary history of a country is quite fascinating when looked at [...]

Ten Things You Need before taking out a Home Loan


We all have that dream: the dream of the perfect home. Whether it’s a penthouse condo, a country cottage, a sprawling manor or an elegant townhouse in the middle of the city, you deserve the chance to live in your dream home. At Family Finance we try to help you towards achieving that dream. Unfortunately, [...]